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As a seasoned manager passionate about organizational efficiency and performance, I’m here to help you discover your full potential and design strategies for success towards achieving your goals.

Richard Hojjat, MCPCC, COC, ACC
Founder ODYSSEY Coaching

What We Offer for You

Cutting edge companies know and understand the value of their people and invest in their performance, well-being, and professional development. Coaching is one of the best tools available to companies to bring about change and transformation in their people.

Leadership Coaching
We support you in cultivating sustainable behavioural changes needed to navigate through the uncertainty and challenges more skillfully.
Team Coaching
We believe that the real lever for an organizational evolution vision stands in the constant ability of individuals and teams to adapt and master change.
Personal Mastery
Learning and thriving organizations are made of people who are continually enhancing their capabilities to create what they want to create.
Why Coaching?

In the face of a rapidly changing world of work and an omnipresent technological takeover, we believe that Human potential and collective intelligence are the real driving forces behind any successful transformation. Coaching is a tailored approach to address new challenges, organizations are facing.

Invest in Human potential
Foster collective intelligence
Develop talents
Shift mindsets and self-awareness
Improve postures and behaviours
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